| Water Supply, Sanitation & Irrigation

Water Resource mapping and master planning

Fresh water is a finite and vulnerable resource, essential to sustain life, development and the environment. Functional master plansoutlining policies, goals, objectives, and strategies to address the issues of wastewater, drinking water, septic, and storm water at a watershed level have been a hallmark of CAS outputs over the years.

We have developed resource master to support WSBs, regional development bodies and parastatals on issues of capacity, demands, and impacts to water resources in response to growth and growth projections. Our planning recommendations have provided guidance for development activities appropriate for target exploitation infrastructure in domestic water supplies, irrigation, flood control, generation and river regulation.

Dams & Hydro Power Plants

Seasonal variations and climatic irregularities in hydrological flow of rivers limit the traditional run of the river exploitation, with cycles of flooding and drought causing problems in equal proportions. This has increasingly made it necessary to create water storage dams for power generationdrinking, flood control, flow regulation and recreational possibilities. Safe operation and maintenance is a key to sustaining these advantages and avoiding potential disaster.

CAS consultants’ dam design team takes a hands-on approach to identifying, studying, and preparing solutions to intricate dam issues. Over the lifecycle of a project, this can involve site identification, ranking and selection of optimal sites, detailed studies including hydrological, topographical surveying, geotechnical investigations to detailed design of dam and appurtenant structures, optimizing water usage, and meeting regulatory requirements while permitting and dam safety obligations as well as delivery of Dam Emergency Action Plans.

Water Treatment,Conveyance and distribution

There are numerous of water exploitation technologies available, so choosing the right one for each situation takes specific expertise. CAS Consultants works to provide engineering solutions across all parts of the supply chain from source protection and abstraction, water treatment, network conveyance, formulation of asset management and water conservation.Our team of engineers has over the years developed the requisite knowledge to create a single point of contact for all our Clients in the field of potable water supply infrastructure for urban set ups, rural areas as well as institutions.
CAS Consultants offers complete engineering services in the following fields:
1. Raw water abstraction
2. Water treatment plants
3. Raw water transport
4. Water treatment facilities
5. Water supply networks
6. Reservoirs / tanks
7. Pumping stations
8. Water supply networks
9. Hydraulic modeling
10. Wells and Ground water models

Waste water Collection and Treatment

By using water in the human built environment, we only make this water dirty. Sewers carry this wastewater to the wastewater treatment works where it is cleaned and returned to the environment through rivers, streams and wetland where it rejoins the water cycle.

Towards this CAS provides leading-edge methods for treating domestic and industrial wastewater. Our team of engineers and Environmentalists has significant experience in the planning, design and construction management of municipal and institutional wastewater systems. We have designed treatment plants, many miles of sewer line, and dozens of pump stations.

CAS’ Waste Water Services division covers a broad range of areas including:
1. Sewer Network Design and Modelling,
2. Sewer Network Asset Management Planning,
3. In-Sewer Network Rehabilitation needs assessment,
4. Wastewater Treatment Process Design

Irrigation, Drainage & Agriculture

Of the total land area in Kenya, only 17% is classified as medium to high potential receiving more than 700mm of rainfall per annum suitable for rain fed agriculture. The remaining land area is classified as arid and semi-arid requiring application of water through irrigation to support crop production.

Cognizant of this, CAS Consultants recognizes the potential role of Irrigation to ensure household and national food sufficiency, reduce rural poverty, create rural employment and even produce raw materials for agro based industries. With due consideration to specific agricultural, environmental, institutional and social - economics factors, CAS uses its vast experience to o design sustainable irrigation infrastructure interventions as part of a coherent approach to improving rural livelihoods.

We provide a comprehensive range of services, covering all stages in the irrigation project cycle from identification, feasibility studies, preliminary and detailed designs through to contract supervision commissioning.