| Transport & Structures

Roads & Bridges

Roads and bridges are key components of transport infrastructure and there is a very strong positive correlation between a country's economic development and the quality of its road network. At CAS Consultants,we have extensive experience in roads and transportation infrastructure design, having undertakenplanned and engineeredurban streets and highways and rural roads.

Our experience also includes design services for new bridge structures, as well as reconstructed and/or rehabilitated bridges, interchanges, grade separations, and pedestrian bridges. CAS provides complete engineering services related to roads and bridges including the following:
1. Highway Alignment & Geometrics 2. Flood Protection, Hydraulics & Hydrology 3. Intersection Design, Study &Signalization 4. Highway Materials Inspection & Testing 5. Storm Water Handling & Utilities 6. Landscape Architecture 7. Master Planning 8. Economic Studies 9. Boundary & Topographic Survey 10. Civil & Structural Engineering 11. Cost Estimation, Bidding &Client Assistance in tendering 12. Construction Supervision 13. Environmental Impact Studies

Housing & Structural Engineering

Infrastructure projects, by their very nature, require significant investment of resources. They require solutions that are cost-effective, workable and environmentally sustainable.As an engineering consulting firm, we have a team specialized in the analysis, designing, optimization and implementation studies of any civil engineering structures.

We provide a full range of professional structural engineering services;our engineers are experienced in design of a diverse range of structures in steel, concrete, masonry and timber. We also advise on refurbishment, restoration and repair of existing structures.

The development of steel and concrete as building materials had the effect of placing design more in the hands of the civil engineer than the architect. We are able to design all the structural elements for our client’s projectsbased on function requirements, economics, safety as well as the need for the works to be carried out in an economical and practical manner.